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Did you know massaging your hands has a lot of benefits?

Did you know massaging your hands has a lot of benefits?

I love to massage my hands with the Mystical Forest Hand Cream a couple of times a day. Next to the soft and nourishing feeling it gives my hands, it also helps to:

  1. Reduce Stress: The physical contact of your own hands (or someone else) during a hand massage makes it an excellent way to reduce stress. 
  1. Promote Sleep: The pressure from a hand massage can help to relax the mind and body. Also there are some great acupuncture points like the HT7, also called Shen Men, which is on the underside of the wrist, just under the bottom of the hand and by massaging this point it can help help relieve insomnia! 

Tip how to find this point: Bend the hand forward slightly and look for the crease. Then, apply pressure to the outermost part of this crease, on the side closest to the pinky finger.

  1. Increase Circulation: The pressure from your fingers or palms can increase blood flow in your hands. Increased circulation can be good for your heart.

By using the Mystical forest Hand Cream you are not only nourishing them with rich and carefully selected 100% natural ingredients, BUT you are also giving yourself a moment of self-care. 

Self care. Witch by Nature 100% natural cosmetics

The Mystical Forest Hand Cream goes hand in hand with your hands' beauty. The best that nature has to offer with a touch of magic. A moment of pampering, giving your hands and soul a well-deserved treat.


Wishing you a magical day,
Madelon | Founder Witch by Nature


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