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About Witch By Nature

Welcome to the Witch by Nature webshop, where nature meets nurturing and sustainability intertwines with self-care.

Are you seeking for the perfect gift to express your love, appreciation, or support? Look no further! Our collection of 100% natural skincare and sustainable gifts, including canola candles and organic Thea, offers a heartfelt solution for every occasion.

Picture this: a beautifully curated gift box, brimming with the finest offerings from Mother Earth, nestled in eco-friendly grass carton packaging. Each item is meticulously selected to convey your thoughtful message and invest in the well-being of your loved ones.

Whether you're celebrating a milestone, sending encouragement, or simply letting someone know you're thinking of them during challenging times, our gift boxes speak volumes. They're not just presents; they're tokens of care and mindfulness.

By choosing our sustainable gift boxes, you're not only spreading joy but also contributing to the betterment of the planet. Every purchase is a step towards a greener future, as our packaging materials are eco-friendly and designed with the environment in mind.



Founder of Witch by Nature:

'Being a long term skincare fanatic myself, there are few creams out there that I did not try. Yet, I didn’t come across what I always hoped to find. So, I decided to develop it myself. Rich, lush, natural cosmetics with a touch of magic, but without unnecessary additives. With Witch by Nature, we look at health and beauty in a holistic and creative way. Only the best from nature makes their way into our products to let the best version of your skin surface. All you need is nature.'

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