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Frequenty Asked Questions

Are all products offered by Witch by Nature 100% natural?

Yes, all ingredients used are 100% Natural. We have selected the best ingredients for the products which contain a mix of:
- Certified organic ingredients
- Natural
- Naturally derived (natural ingredients that have been modified to get the best and strongest outcome for the formulas).

Are the Witch by Nature products vegan?


Are the Witch by Nature products tested on animals?

No, luckily there is a law where it is forbidden. The ban on animal testing applies to both the final formulation and the ingredients of the product.

Can everyone use the Witch by Nature products?

We recommend and advice to use the products only when you are an adult. This to protect the young skin that is not in need yet of a cream or balm that can help to refine fine lines and is cell regenerative. But we would love to welcome them later on ;).

What are the shipping arrangements?

After you have finalized your order, you will receive a confirmation email with your details and order nr. From there we will make sure your product(s) are packed and shipped within 24 hours or the first following weekday when ordered on Saturday or Sunday. When the parcel is sent, you will receive an email with the track& trace number so you can follow your parcel to your door.

What is the return policy?

After you have received the Witch by Nature product(s) and you have decided you don’t want them anymore you can send them back. Please send an email to within 14 days and make sure the products are not opened or used. Please find for more info the shipping & return policy on the website.

Do the Witch by Nature products have an expiration date?

Yes, you can find them on the bottom of the products.

What about your packaging?

Witch by Nature tries to give as much support as possible to the environment: 

- By not having a product box. This box is most of the time the first thing people trow away. Yes it looks nice, but is waste soon after...

- Sending the products in grass cardboard boxes. It reduces CO2 emissions up to 50%. Less wood is needed which has the effect of less cutting down trees. Less water used during the production process. It is recyclable.

- Using materials that can be recycled or are already from recycled materials.

- All products are vegan.

There is still much to gain, but hopefully in time this is something that will be possible to implement more and more.

EXTRA TIP: If you remove the label on the jar and wash the jar after use you can use it to store things in. And give it a second life.

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