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Why skincare is personal.

Why skincare is personal.

“As a skincare fanatic I have had a long journey before I finally found the skincare routine that fits my skin… And even then, it depends on so many different factors that it can easily change again.”

Skincare refers to all the practices and routines used to take care of the skin. And it is very personal because everyone’s skin is unique and requires different types of care and attention. For example, lifestyle, diet, climate, overall health, and your beauty goal are important to take into consideration.


 “Listening to my skin is a daily job and I love it.”


My morning routine:

I wash my face when I am in the shower. I use the new La crème cleanser from the 100% natural skin care brand Comme Ca. My face feels clean and hydrated at the same time. I have used many different brands, but this one is a keeper!

Comme Ca la creme cleanser white tube

Next, I use the Mystical Forest Face cream which helps my skin feel nourished and hydrated throughout the day. When I feel my skin needs a bit more, I use two layers. I love how the cream absorbs very nicely into the skin so if I choose to, I can still put my make-up over it or leave it natural for the day.

Mystical Forest Face Cream

When I go outside, I will put a SPF sunscreen over my day cream, but I am still looking for the perfect one. Like I said it is a journey and it will take some trial and error to find one that fits my skin. I would love to hear your tips on natural product that could be a good option!


My evening routine:

I clean my face and after I like to moisturize and massage it to help the blood circulation going. (For tips and tricks on how to massage your face just go to YouTube and look up “how to massage my face” and you will get enough hits and options to follow!). I will circle back at a later stage and show you my techniques :).

My favorite product to use in the evening is a pure Shea butter or Mango butter, but Coconut oil can work too. You can easily pick up a jar at your local natural products store. It doesn’t need to cost you much. They are greasier and won’t absorb that fast, so it is perfect to massage your face. After it will stay a bit greasy (also known as “the donut glace”), but I love that feeling when my skin needs the extra attention. And when I feel my skin is a bit sensitive, I use the Mystical Forest Face cream which can help my skin relax and nourish it where needed during the night.

As you can see my skin care routine is very simple as I do not believe in many products. I hope I have inspired you to listen and feel what your skin needs… Does it feel dry? Or sensitive? Start using products that can help you feel more comfortable in your skin and just keep on experimenting!


Wishing you a magical day,
Madelon | Founder Witch by Nature
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